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Find what you want online and we will help you buy it safely

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We believe in looking people in the eye but love the benefits of online shopping too

Free Delivery On EVERYTHING

Deliver to your home or the store in Ettalong for pickup

Internet Shopping Without The Risk

All the products in this website have been carefully selected by us in Ettalong.  We spend a lot of time looking for items all over the globe and then contact the sellers so we can list them on our website. All the items come with our name on them and a return address in Ettalong. We carry a limited stock in the shop but keep adding to it every day. It will be clearly marked on this website if you can come down and buy it in the shop

Everything is Guaranteed


We back everything we sell so if the item is faulty in any way, we will REFUND YOUR MONEY on the spot. Just bring it down so we can see whats going on. If its dodgy then for sure we will either give you another one or just give you your money back. One way or another we will get you going quickly with as little fuss as possible.

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Free Shipping

Everything on this site is shipped to your door for free. You can also have it shipped to the shop in Ettalong if you can’t be available for delivery.   It has also been check to make sure it will arrive in a reasonable time. We don’t list anything if the supplier can get it to you within 3 weeks max. We only ship from suppliers that use ePacket shipping.  That means you can also track everything right to your door. Just enter your tracking number here that you got in your email.

Are you anxious about shopping online?

Order from our website and let us take the risk for you

We have pre vetted all the products on this site and we are looking for more to add. If you find something you want on the Internet somewhere, letus know so we can get it in for you. If you have any problems we provide a local business that will sort it out. Come and look us in the eye, or call and talk to us. Either way, enjoy the benefit of shopping globally and buying locally.

Its all about “Drop Shipping”

We find the products that you want and have them sent straight to you from the manufacturer. Prices are cheaper because we are cutting out the storage facilities. All products have free shipping and usually take 10 to 20 days to arrive.


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