Come and see us down at the shop. Look us in the eye and ask for help. Whats what makes us useful. We have years of customer support helping people sort their tech issues out. Thats why we are still going… one customer at a time. We care. really, thats not BS. We do it because we like doing it. all of us can go into the city and make the big bucks but thats soul destroying. We tried it. Now we say “What we lost in money, we have made up in lifestyle


2 - 285 Ocean View Road
Ettalong Beach, NSW
Australia, 2257



(+612) 4320-6148

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That Computer Guy is going into the phone business !!!

We have been keeping it under wraps for a while but I think it's time to let the cat out of the bag. For ages now we have been talking about phones and yes, there certainly is the demand for it. As a computer business we get asked almost daily if we can fix phones but...

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