We have been keeping it under wraps for a while but I think it’s time to let the cat out of the bag. For ages now we have been talking about phones and yes, there certainly is the demand for it. As a computer business we get asked almost daily if we can fix phones but no one has really wanted to get into it… until now!!! woohoo Actually it’s kind of a no brainer. Lets face it, phone repairs are a natural thing to do. We just didn’t want to do something unless we can be passionate about it.

So, The signs are going up over the Christmas break and the phone doors are open Jan 2nd! We have organised the suppliers and we have been building our stock of LOAN PHONES!!! Yes anyone can have a loan phone!!! No more painful experiences like figuring out how to stay connected while your phone is getting repaired. Oh, yeah… WE ARE NOW BUYING PHONES TOO. We are working hard to build up the loaner stock and need the old phones you have in the back of that drawer. Why not get a few bucks for that old thing. It probably won’t be much but I bet it’s going to be more than you’re getting now  and we really need them.

There is going to more on this story as it unfolds but brace yourself. Phone repairs are coming to town!!!